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Nan Notes Mid-January 2021
After the Inauguration of President Biden & Vice President Harris
No parades, no balls, only ONE gown, the one worn by Lady Gaga! And that was glorious under blue skies against the Capitol white.  But the 2021 Inauguration was filled with so many moments I’ll long remember and clues for all of us to take forward as we do our work with women, moms & families. I share a couple of my faves from 1/20/21 here…and hope you had some too. Let us know. Meanwhile, in this issue Pepper Miller urges us to be much more honest and authentic in our imaging of today’s Black women in our ad campaigns. With great examples. Also, NPR’s Life Kit: Parenting podcasts are FABULOUS for parents and marketers both. And Edelman discovers that we trust business more than other institutions! Time for biz to step up and help in the unification our new President and VP have set as their north star.  Read On.

Pepper Miller on Black Women and the Reshaping of Cultural Norms
This respected Black consumer expert, author and market researcher urges marketers to be more honest and inclusive in their imaging of today’s Black women in campaigns, and to invest in understanding the true nuances of this powerful market segment. Read here.

“Stephanie Says” … HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
Take A Stretch Outside!
This month Stephanie Lang Bittner of Bittner Movement…our Official M2Moms® Trainer … takes her son Cooper out into their Long Island City neighborhood to stretch together! Stephanie is a professional Pilates instructor. Like many she’s working from home while trying to make the holidays special despite Covid. Exercising is one way to give a gift to yourself and those you live with – it’s fun, easy & invigorating.  More Here!

Nan Notes Mid-December 2020:
2020 is running out of time. But before you wrap my holiday gift 😊 take a look at what’s new on M2Moms®. Pepper Miller adjusts our vision in her piece, “Perceptions Versus Realities about Black Women”. Emily Spensieri begins her 3-part series on the importance of qualitative research if you want to create brands women love. And, the Alvin Ailey Virtual Gala was filled with “Revelations”! There’s more. Read On.

Katrina McCarter shares 8 BIG Opportunities in The Mom Market you should tap into right NOW! Mom’s lives are evolving and so are the motherhood generations. Important insights from a leading world expert on “the mother of all opportunities”! Read Here

EMILY SPENSIERI says Qualitative Research Can Help
Build Brands Women Actually Want to Do Business With…now and for years to come!
A 3-part series on why what she’s thinking is critical to success. START HERE

PEPPER MILLER on Perceptions Versus Realities about Black Women.
The spending power of Black Americans in 2021 will be 1.5 Trillion Dollars. Marketers must change their brand narrative to win the power of this purse. READ HERE

More Than Lip Service!
Part II on a Business Book that Has Never Lost its Relevance —
In Part II of his piece on I F**KING LOVE That Company: How a New Generation of Brand Builders Is Defining the Post-Amazon World by Bayard Winthrop, publisher Jim Madden shares more insights on why one little book has had such a BIG, enduring message for brand success. READ HERE

“Stephanie Says”
Here’s A Pre-Holiday Stretch that’s a Welcome Gift
Stephanie Lang Bittner of Bittner Movement…our Official M2Moms® Trainer … knows something about working from home…being a mom…and grappling with a need for new holiday traditions in 2020. This month she gets you out of your chair for a stretch “your body will thank you for”. Quite a quick gift!  More Here!

Test Your Savvy of Women 50+

Play this new AARP version of Jeopardy!
This is fun! Flex your smarts & skills with AARP’s new Jeopardy game!  Designed to test what you really know about women 50 and older. Discover key facts and insights to help you unlock the power of this important market segment. Watch the Leaderboard to see where you rank in this M2Moms’ AARP Jeopardy game! Challenge your whole family marketing team! PLAY HERE


New insights continually updated including case studies, video podcasts, campaigns, how-to, thought leaders, interviews… in their own words

  • Kerry Lyons: You Just Missed Black Friday. I know, I know. It’s not even Halloween yet but there’s no denying that this year is unlike any other and, the 2020 holiday shopping season was just jump-started by Amazon’s Prime Day. Alix Partners and Deloitte both predict that Prime Day’s timing will drive a surge in online holiday shopping and, for the very first time, Alix Partners added October to its holiday sales estimates; historically, only November and December have been included. What does this …and so much more unprecedented retail behavior…all mean as brands gear up for the holidays? READ MORE
  • Kerry Lyons: Covid19 just changed our grocery shopping habits…FOR GOOD . Even with the majority of retailers open for in-person shopping this summer, online sales in August were still up 40% versus last year and, Americans have spent over a BILLION dollars more online than they had by this point in 2019. The grocery category has seen some of the most remarkable growth; pre-COVID, only 3-4% of grocery spending in the US was online according to Bain & Company. Today, it’s holding steady at 10-15% with no sign of slowing down. You may have noticed that a trip to the supermarket isn’t what it used to be. COVID-19 has changed the way we shop for everything.  READ MORE
  • Amy Henry: Play & Pandemic & How Brands Can Help – Part: 2 Last month, FlashLight Insights’ Amy Henry wrote about the power of play and how it persists through pandemics…In this “part II,” we go from theory to practice, with insights from the lived experience of moms and dads, and their kids. And we share our rules for the road ahead for brands, companies and organizations who are on this ride with families. READ MORE


Snippies: Count Down to Election USA …
Watch Snippies America Tour
– Your Vote, Your Voice.
Voters across the country share their hopes. Return to watch all 5 of the Stops Along the Way! Watch #1 Leadership Watch #2 Top Issues Watch #3 Perceptions of US

Life During & After Lockdown … A video snapshot from Snippies!

Take a quick video voyage around the world … folks of all ages and stages tell us about their time in COVID-19 isolation and what they hope for most as they emerge to life back in the real world. Any of this sound familiar to you? What would your clients say? Send Snippies out in the field (anywhere!) to find out. Contact Tom Dicerbo, Managing Partner Snippies,

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The very latest from the very best.

Research Led by Vicki Levy
Senior Research Advisor, Consumer Insights

Americans are redefining what it means to give back as they seek to make a difference in their communities and themselves. A recent AARP study examines how and why American adults are donating to charities and finds that older adults are more likely to give—and give more—than their younger counterparts. What are the implications for brands who partner with charitable causes and seek consumer approval? What are the implications for non-profit organizations who seek volunteers and donors? Excellent insights. LEARN MORE HERE

WOMEN & GAMING: What Brands Should Know
Research led by: Patty David,  Director Consumer Insights & Personal Fulfillment, AARP
& Brittne Kakulla, PhD, Senior Research Advisor, Consumer Insights, AARP

Women 50+ spend more time than men 50+ playing video games, and women lead men in playing most often on mobile devices. So why do these avid female gamers lag behind men in game purchases? LEARN MORE HERE

Katrina McCarter: 7 Major Mom Trends That Will Boost Your Business. Emerging trends uncovered in multi-year, on-going research that brands can harness now to increase sales and gain share. READ MORE

►NEW RESEARCH◄ #ISO Mums: Understanding the impacts of home isolation

The PODCAST Featuring Katrina McCarter No one could have predicted just how challenging 2020 was going to be. Covid19 and extended periods of home isolation in many regions of the world has dramatically altered mothers’ behaviors. These changes, many of which are long term, are proving particularly challenging for brands. In this episode your host, Katrina McCarter, shares some of the key findings of the Marketing to Mums’ #ISOMums study of more than 1350 mothers. She identifies key insights from the report and shares some surprises findings which may provide new opportunities for brands. Her #ISOMums report is significant as it provides insights into important behavioral changes which can assist brands update their strategies and messaging. Download the Complete Report Here Listen to the Podcast Here

MOTHERS & COVID19 – A Podcast Interview

With Katrina McCarter & Jola Burnett
Without question the Covid19 pandemic has presented an enormous challenge and opportunity for many businesses and brands, but how has it impacted consumer behavior and will these behaviors be long term? Katrina McCarter of Marketing to Mums interviews Jola Burnet on the latest wave of GfK Consumer Research “Pulse” studies in this timely podcast about consumers in the time of Covid19.

WOMEN & GAMING – What Brands Should Know!

Research led by: Patty David,  Director Consumer Insights & Personal Fulfillment, AARP
& Brittne Kakulla, PhD, Senior Research Advisor, Consumer Insights, AARP

Women 50+ spend more time than men 50+ playing video games, and women lead men in playing most often on mobile devices. So why do these avid female gamers lag behind men in game purchases?


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Notes From Nan • What to Read For Biz • Stretch With “Stephanie Says”

It’s hard to believe we are on the threshold of the holiday season. With Covid19 still setting our cultural table, traditions of gathering together and basking in the presence of our true treasures, friends & family, are potential death sentences to those we love most. I like what the smart female Doc from Mass General recommends. I also like playing the wickedly clever M2Moms® Jeopardy game from AARP! READ ON.

After 15 years on stages in Chicago, DC & NYC, some of you know me as the conference emcee. But this year your screen is our new 24/7 M2Moms® CONSTANT Conference stage. I’m still the curator of content, but no longer an emcee, so I add my voice at the end, with some remembrances, heard here n’ there tidbits, smarty pants ideas and insights & at least one invitation to relax and savor the beautiful. READ ON

“Stephanie Says” for NOVEMBER…
Exercise your Right to Vote AND Your WFH Body Too!!!

We welcome back Stephanie Lang Bittner of Bittner Movement…our Official M2Moms® Trainer!
This month she introduces a new movement to stretch your torso and to incorporate with it the stretch she taught us last month. An ‘at your desk & standing’ combination.  TRY IT HERE!

New! “Stephanie Says”:

“Sitting is the New Smoking” What does that mean to those of us working from home? Let’s be honest, we are sitting more than ever. Covid19 has probably already accomplished what years of advocacy have failed to do, making telework not just a benefit for a select few but the new norm for many, especially in some jobs and categories such as marketing. Time to bring in a star trainer!  We welcome Stephanie Lang Bittner of Bittner Movement!  Read More & See Her WFH Stretch

Nan’s Notes …

From Nan McCann, The Co-Founder of M2Moms® Bits and pieces of news, ideas, trends, clever innovations and opportunities that might be helpful, good to know, or just interesting on how others find solutions.Read More

Welcome to M2Moms® 2020!! Doesn’t look the same does it??!! After 15 year’s of “live” conferences, Covid19 has chased us off the stage and on to the digital screen.Read More

Jim Madden: Madd About Books …

Some business books never lose their relevance, this is one of them. In 2015 PMP published a little 70-page book with a BIG message and a title that might have to be bleeped in some polite company! I F**KING LOVE That Company: How a New Generation of Brand Builders Is Defining the Post-Amazon World by Bayard Winthrop can be read in less than an hour. Read More

This special book unveils another little known, but vital, suffragette. You remember Rodney Dangerfield’s go-to comedic line, “I get no respect!” Well, after the unveiling of the statue on the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment I’ve been thinking of Mary Joslyn Gage as the suffragette who didn’t get a statue, nor the respect she rightfully deserves!! Read More

May I Make a Suggestion: Don’t Assume You Know Black Consumers Read More


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